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IEXConnect | Content

IEXConnect | Content

IEXConnect develops compelling storytelling solutions that enable brands to connect with the biggest community of investors in The Netherlands. We create branded stories rooted in your business strategy. Because your brand is the most important asset you own.

IEX’ many channels provide the latest stock market, financial and business news. Our dedicated journalists create high-quality content daily. This, combined with the knowledge and experience of the companies we write about, helps investors – retail or institutional – to make better business decisions.

The content businesses share through IEXConnect is integrated seamlessly – yet labelled clearly – on IEX’ different platforms. This unique integrated approach offers you the possibility to inform investors while simultaneously making your brand more valuable to them.

IEXConnect studio
To help brands, IEX has an experienced content team with first-hand knowledge about the target audience, markets and investment trends. We will help you connect with this audience by transforming your message and difficult company information into attractive and interactive content.
Working together with IEXConnect studio means presenting your brand in the best possible way. Whether it is video, text or images, the content we create is tailored exactly to your needs.

For more information about the possibilities for you brand, please contact Reinier Hillen.

*IEXConnect is tot op heden alleen beschikbaar op IEXProfs.

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Gouden Stier | Awardshow

Gouden Stier | Awardshow

This year is the 10-year anniversary of the Gouden Stier! Since the first award show, the Gouden Stier has evolved into one of the most important independent award shows for investment products and services in the Netherlands. Since investing is quickly gaining popularity in supporting wealth creation among consumers, pressure has risen within the sector to deliver quality products. However the industry is not only expected to deliver quality products, but also to be accessible, transparent and innovative. The Gouden Stier judges various suppliers based upon set criteria.

For a financial institution, being acknowledged as participating in the Gouden Stier can be beneficial:

  • Acknowledgement as a partner of the Gouden Stier, which is the only award show for retail investors
  • Extensive media coverage on and
  • Inclusion in the display campaign for the Gouden Stier on the biggest investor platforms in the Netherlands
  • Increased visibility through an extended campaign period (running up to, during and after the award show)
  • Guaranteed admission tickets
For more information visit the website
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Slimste Belegger | Beursspel

Slimste Belegger | Stock trading game

In cooperation with BNP Paribas, IEX Media has turned the “Turbo Competition” and the “Slimste Belegger” [Smartest Investor] into a success. With over 1,300 participants trading on a daily basis in the fictive Turbo’s by BNP Paribas.

Are you interested in a unique platform for gaining media attention for your company among a wide range of investors? Then the diverse online investing competition that IEX organizes is the perfect platform. Your company’s stock will be automatically placed in the participant’s portfolio, your logo will receive airtime during the game as well as an informative page on your company within the game environment.

Visit BNP Paribas Turbocompetition
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IEXProfs Alpha Reasearch | Forum

IEXProfs Alpha Research | Forum

In cooperation with IEXProfs and Alpha Research, we organize must attend events for the professional investor. Gatherings with financial experts and influencers from the investment industry.

The IEXProfs Alpha Research Forum offers a unique opportunity to meet colleagues and clients and to discuss the current financial trends, solutions and the implications for one’s investment portfolio.

The following formats are offered;

  • Intervision (Single Asset Class)
  • Intervision (Multi Asset Class)

The intervision is a remarkable communication instrument for achieving the appropriate asset class. The forum starts with an evaluation of the markets in general, after which investments and the selection process are discussed in depth.

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Lipper Fund Awards | Awardshow

Lipper Fund Awards | Awardshow

The Lipper Fund Awards, the most prestigious award show in the professional investment industry, is an annual award show held in cooperation with Thomas Reuter. The award show has been organized for the past 30 years and is held in more than 20 countries.

The Lipper Fund Awards is displayed across several media platforms, firstly through the award show, the Lipper Funds Winners Guide in the IEXProfs magazine, the online Lipper Fund Winners section and database on the IEXProfs online platform. The event provides a unique opportunity for advertisers due to the wide spread media attention. A Thomson Reuters Lipper Award is a prestigious distinction with lasting value that is only awarded to the best funds in the investment industry.

The extensive data Lipper has collected is the basis for the selection criteria. Not only is best return on investment a criterium but so is consistency in returns (taking risk into consideration). The diversity in criteria makes the Lipper Fund Awards independent, reliable and based on actual performance.

Visit the Lipper Fund Awards website for more information

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Scholenstrijd | Stock trading game

Scholenstrijd | Stock trading game

The Scholenstrijd is an online investing competition for economy teachers and their students. In the game the class is divided into groups of three or four students, after which the students play the role of investment advisor – and provide their parents with the appropriate advice. An example of one of the assignments is the creation of a risk profile for the customer.

The students will receive a starting capital of €100,000 with which they can invest in stocks and NYSE Euronext Amsterdam-related funds.

Visit Scholenstrijd
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