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About Belgium Retail Channel is the free investor platform in Belgium, with an extensive amount of knowledge on the stock exchange. Since its founding in 2003, has grown into one of Belgium’s largest independent investment websites. Together with the Belgium IEX network, we are able to reach 285,000 Belgian investors every month. provides you with realtime information on the Belgian stock and the Belgian stock exchange. The Amsterdam, European and American stock exchanges are obviously also featured extensively on the website. The website also features columns and articles written by experts who have earned their stripes in the Belgian investment world.

Another feature specially designed for is the Beursduivel Market Monitor, which features the entire market on one page.

  • Realtime streaming of stock market information (Euronext Brussels)
  • Realtime streaming of stock market information (European markets as well as currencies and raw materials)
  • Breaking news, intraday graphics



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