Here you can find the rate cards of the channels and our specifications (.pdf)

  • IEX Retail Channel RatecardIEX Retail Channel
  • Belegger Channel Ratecard Belegger Channel
  • IEX Professional Channel Ratecard Professional Channel
  • IEX Belgium Channel Ratecard Belgium Retail Channel

If you are interested in a partnership through the Personal Finance Channel or if you want to strengthen your brand through one of our events or concepts, please contact our Commercial Director Lennart Grootenboer, sales@iexmedia.nl of tel. +316 4617 76 97


  • IEX aanlever specificaties diplaySpecifications Display
  • IEX aanlever specificaties printSpecifications Print
  • IEX aanlever specificaties textadvertorial newsletterSpecifications Newsletters textad

If you have a question regarding the specifications, please contact our Traffic department, traffic.iex@iexmedia.nl of tel. 020 435 21 79

Advertisement terms and agreements

IEX Media processes all advertisements in accordance with our Advertisement terms and agreements IEX Media B.V. 2016 (.pdf)