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About the Professional Channel

IEXProfs is the largest community for professional investors, ranging from fund managers to analysts. Founded on the principle of “for the professional investor”, IEXprofs goes deeper into the subject, providing need-to-know information, extensive interviews, features, additional research and presentations by major banks and investment funds. focuses on a wide range of subjects, investment funds, structured products, asset allocation, ESG and index products such as ETF’s. Since the launch of IEXProfs Research the professional investor has access to the best research and reports made by the world’s largest asset managers.

In addition to the website, IEXProfs publishes the IEXProfs magazine on a quarterly basis.IEX Prof magazine covers the latest trends in Asset Management, includes interviews with leading investment professionals and provides an outlook of the next quarter. Many topics in the magazine are also available online for an extensive period of time. The magazine is distributed via controlled circulation, which ensures that we reach the right target group.

IEXProfs has created several events especially for the professional investor. These events receive extensive coverage both online as well as offline. One of these events is the annual Lipper Fund Awards, held in corporation with Thomas Reuter. Lipper has one of the most advanced databases of mutual funds and ETF's. This database is then used to calculate which funds have outperformed the others. The Lipper Funds Awards are therefore a unique event where the outperformers are rewarded in front their colleagues's in the market.



All the relevant information for professional investors in one place

Annual award show for the most influential professional investor


The magazine for the professional investor (quarterly)


Lipper Fund Awards

In corporation with Thomas Reuters the best fund managers in the Netherlands are chosen. Read more

Asset Allocatie Awards

A unique event where we determine the best asset allocators in the Netherlands. Read more